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Manuela Escobar is a famous businesswoman, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and public personality. Manuela Escobar is also famous due to his father as she is the only daughter of her multi-billionaire and “The King of Cocaine” dealer named “Pablo Escobar”. She had many ups and downs in her life. She doesn’t have any criminal record in her life. Check all the details below about Manuela Escobar’s Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Ethncity, and Biography.

Manuela Escobar Wiki/Biography

Manuela Escobar was born on 30th October 1986 (Age: 37 years old; As of 2023) in British Columbia, United Kingdom, but her current residence is in Argentina.

Manuela Escobar

Her nickname is “Henao” and her full name is “Juana Manuela Manuela Marroquin”. Her nationality is Columbian and her zodiac sign is Gemini. Her ethnicity is mixed and follows Christianity (religion). Her profession is a businesswoman.

Manuela Escobar Educational Qualification

Let me know about her studies and qualifications. She wanted to go to school and study. But unfortunately, her father was killed by Columbian authorities when she was only nine years old. So, she doesn’t attend any school or take any education. They also migrated to different countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil to escape from their father’s enemies. Her schooling is homeschooled.

Manuela Escobar Height & Weight

Manuela Escobar height and weight

Manuela Escobar’s height and weight

  • Height: 5′ 7″ inches (approx.)
  • Weight: 60 kg (approx.)
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Skin Colour: Fair
  • Body Measurements: 36-24-35 inches

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Manuela Escobar Biodata

  • Name-Manuela Escobar
  • Real Name-Juana Manuela Manuela Marroquin Santos
  • Nickname-Henao
  • Date of Birth-25th May 1984
  • Age-39 years old (As of 2023)
  • Gender-Female
  • Birth Place-Columbia, United Kingdom
  • Nationality-Columbian
  • Ethnicity-Columbian
  • Zodiac sign-Gemini
  • Religion-Christianity
  • Profession-Business Owner
  • Hometown-Columbia
  • School-Home Schooling
  • College/University-Not known
  • Education-Home Schooling
  • Current Residence-Argentina
  • Marital Status-Unmarried
  • Relationship Status-Committed
  • Boyfriend-Tomas Botero
  • Parents-Father-Pablo Escobar, Mother-Maria Victoria Henao (Juana Manuela Marroquin)
  • Siblings-Brother-Juan Pablo (Sebastian Marroquin)
  • Sexuality-Straight
  • Net Worth-$1.5-$2 million dollars
  • Hobbies/Interests-Singing, Listening songs and Shopping

Manuela Escobar Family & Parents

Manuela Escobar’s father’s name is Pablo Escobar and her mother’s name is Maria Victoria Henao (Juana Manuela Marroquin). Her father is the most powerful drug dealer in the world, also known as the “King of Cocaine”. She grew up with her sibling brother Juan Pablo (Sebastian Marroquin) who came into this beautiful world in 1997.

Escobar’s father can do anything to keep a smile on her daughter’s face. The King of Cocaine “Pablo” has a soft spot in his heart for his daughter “Manuela”. Escobar’s father’s income is estimated at 70 million dollars per day, it seems that he can buy anything his pretty daughter wants. Manuela Escobar wanted a unicorn, so he asked her father to buy that.

Pablo doesn’t say to Escobar that unicorns aren’t real, instead, Pablo orders his employees to make a unicorn. He said his employees that buy a beautiful white horse and foremost a “horn” on the head of that white horse and also staple “wings” on the back of the horse. But unfortunately, the white horse died due to a gruesome infection.

After some time, Pablo Escobar knew that his life of crime was being caught by Colombian police he did everything to save his daughter “Manuela Escobar”. In the period of early nineties he was hiding out with his family in the mountains of Colombia from the Colombian police. Escobar is suffering from a cold, so her father Pablo burned $2 million dollars cash to keep his daughter safe.

Pablo “the lord of drugs” realized that his family was not safe with him. So he said to his wife “Maria Victoria Henao” to save their children under the house of government protection. Her father Pablo Escobar was shot by Colombian police on 2nd December, 1993.

After the death of Pablo “the king of cocaine” Manuela Escobar with her brother Juan Pablo and her mother Maria Victoria Henao, all left British Colombia because they knew after the death of her father Colombian authorities never welcomed them. They go to another country but no country accepts them or gives them a place to live and hide from British Colombian authorities.

They also go to Vatican City for help but their authorities also decline to help Pablo’s family. For escaping the crime against Pablo Escobar “Cali Cartel” was asking millions of dollars from Manuela Escobar. Pablo’s family tried to escape to many countries like Mozambique, South Africa, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, but at last in late 1994, they settled in Argentina.

For a few years, they lived with their past behind them. In 1999, Pablo’s Escobar wife and son were suddenly arrested by British Colombia authorities. They both are arrested in the case of falsifying public documents, money laundering, and illicit association. After being incarcerated for several months, Pablo’s son and wife were released due to insufficient evidence.

But his daughter “Manuela Escobar” never spent a day in jail. Manuela Escobar is the only member of Pablo’s family who has no crime. She also changed her name to “Juana Manuela Manuela Marroquin Santos” in Buenos Aires.

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Manuela Escobar Husband & Relationships

Manuela Escobar is a beautiful personality and social media star. Many of her social media fans wanted to know about her love life or husband. She told me once about her boyfriend “Tomas Botero”. On 24th December 2009, they both met for the first time and Manuela started dating Tomas. They have both been dating for ten years. Manuela shared many photos with her boyfriend on her social media handles but, she doesn’t give birth to any children with Tomas Botero. They both love each other. At present, her relationship status is committed and her marital status is unmarried.

Manuela Escobar Career & Profession

Let me tell you about her career and businesses. She has so many businesses at different locations and also she does her businesses online. At present, she is running three different businesses. The first is of Hotel and Lodging at different locations. She has an Instagram account for her business Hotel & Lodging, where she posts pics of well-designed hotels at very beautiful locations.

All of her hotels are booked by her hotel’s website, if you want then go to her Instagram account bio and see the hotel for booking. Her second business is second-hand clothes selling at Columbia. She also made an Instagram account for selling second hand clothes and also posted photos of shoes, jeans, tops, jackets, and many more with prices.

Her third business is Pet supplies and pet products. For that, she also made a new Instagram account and posted many picks of animals such as dogs, cats, etc. She also sells pet belts and clothes on her Instagram account.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth & Income

Manuela Escobar’s net worth is estimated at approx $1.5-2 million dollars. She earns money from her different businesses. She also earns extra money from brand endorsement, collaborations, and sponsorships. She makes a solid living from her business. She has a lot of assets such as a beautiful, decorated, well-furnished home and a luxury car, etc. At present, she is living a joyful life with her partner, family, and friends.

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Manuela Escobar Social Media Accounts

Manuela Escobar Amazing Facts

  • When Manuela Escobar didn’t know how to walk she was taught how to run.
  • She is the only member of her family who has no crime record.
  • She dose’t seen for several years in the period of the 90’s.
  • She has never been able to vanish her father’s crime report as she has no crime report.
  • She has maintained a low profile.
  • She also wears a Bikiny dress and posts her photos on her Instagram accounts.
  • Manuela loved to drink alcohol.
  • She posted her photos in different poses on her Instagram account.
  • She appeared in the advertisement for Mineral 90.
  • Manuela loved to travel to different places
  • She also posted so many posts with her boyfriend “Tomas Botero”.
  • Escobar loved swimming.
  • She also loves pets and posted a pic with a dog on her Instagram account.
  • She maintained her figure.
  • She also goes to the Gym.
  • She loves horse riding and also posted a pic sitting on a brown horse on her Instagram account.
  • Her favorite shoe brand is Adidas as she mostly wears Adidas brand shoes.
  • Manuela mostly wears sports clothes.
  • She loves to wear hoodies.
  • Manuela also drinks soft drinks.
  • Manuela’s favorite colour is black as shown on her Instagram account many posts are in black dresses.
  • She also does ropeway.

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