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Sulemana Abdul Samed is a famous public figure who became insanely famous for being wrongly titled the world’s tallest man. Sulemana Abdul Samed went viral after he went to a local clinic in Ghana to get measured his height. After the local hospital measured his height they found that Sulemana is 9 feet and 6 inches (means 2.89 meters).

After this news in Ghana, he is in news as the world’s tallest man who broke the Guinness world record holder in the category of tallest man Mr. Sultan Kosen (height: 8 feet 2.8 inches long). But after a real investigation done by BBC, Sulemana is not the world’s tallest man and his real height is 7 feet and 4 inches long. Check all the details below about Sulemana Abdul Samed Height, Age, Shoe Size, Weight, Wiki, Family, Net Worth, Biography & More.

Who is Sulemana Abdul Samed?

Sulemana Abdul Samed is a trending personality after being wrongly titled as the world’s tallest man by fake news according to the sources. His original height is only 7 feet and 4 inches. Sulemana is not the world’s tallest man from Ghana. He suffers from a health disorder disease named Acromegaly. He faced issues due to an abnormally curved spine due to Acromegaly and Marfan syndrome (a genetic disorder that creates connectivity issues in the body).

His health disorder boosts the growth hormone in his all-body party to grow more than the average human being. His body grew after every 3-4 months and maybe one day he will break the Guinness World record of Sultan Kosen and become the World’s tallest man. He said in an interview,

I’m still growing tall. Who knows, maybe one day I may get to that height too

Sulemana Abdul Samed Wiki/Biography

Sulemana Abdul Samed was born in 1994 (Age: 28 years; As of 2023) in the Northern Region of Ghana. He is also known as the Awuche. His occupation is a mobile shop owner. His current residence is in Ghana. His ethnicity is African and his nationality is African. He follows Islam (religion).

Sulemana Abdul Samed Educational Qualification

He completed his schooling at the local high school. After completing schooling, he doesn’t want to learn after high school. Sulemana is only a high school graduate.

Sulemana Abdul Samed Height, Weight & Shoe Size

Sulemana Abdul Samed height

Sulemana Abdul Samed height

Sulemana Abdul Samed’s height is 7 feet 4 inches, or 2.25 meters, or 225 cm. His weight is 120 kg or 265 lbs. His hair color is Black and his eye color is Blue. His shoe size is 14 US (approx.)

Sulemana Abdul Samed Family & Parents

Sulemana was born into a middle-class family to African parents. He is suffering from a genetic disorder but his family is so supportive. He is living with his brother in the Ghana Capital Accra. He doesn’t disclose any information about his family and parents. Also, Sulemana never shared photos with his family members. Only he disclose that he resided with his brother only.

Sulemana Abdul Samed Wife, Girlfriend & Relationships

Sulemana suffers from a rare genetic disorder and has been requesting many peoples to help him in getting surgery so that he can marry and settle in his life. Sulemana also wants love in his life but due to his genetic disorder, his physical appearance is converted into a giant height. Many doctors also said that he needs surgery on his brain to stop the growth of hormones to affect his body’s physical appearance.

An expert doctor at Tamale Teaching Hospital said that Sulemana keeps on growing if he did not go under surgery. And this is a such difficult situation, he will never be able to marry any girl. His relationship status is single and his marital status is unmarried.

Sulemana Abdul Samed Career & Profession

He has a dream in his childhood to become a car driver and fulfill his expenses but when he came to know that his body is turning into a giant size. Sulemana was having the plan to learn to drive in driving school but because of his giant size, when he sits in the car to drive he can’t hold the steering of the car and also can’t stretch his legs to control card pedals.

After this, Sulemana returned back to his village in Ghana and started a small mobile shop to earn his livelihood. At present, he is happy to earn income from his mobile shop but also stated that he is still not earning high which may help in bearing his surgery expenses.

Sulemana Abdul Samed Net Worth & Income

Sulemana Abdul Samed’s net worth is estimated at approx. $150k dollars. He is a famous public figure who became insanely famous for being wrongly titled the world’s tallest man. His income is not high because he is the owner of a mobile shop in Ghana. He lives joyfully with his family.

Sulemana Abdul Samed Social Handles

Sulemana Abdul Samed Amazing Facts

  • He was fond of playing football with his schoolmates when he was a young boy.
  • He is raising funds for his plastic surgery.
  • Sulemana buys 14 years of cloth to get one single piece of cloth ready for him to wear daily.
  • He is a local celebrity in Ghana and many peoples visit his home to capture selfies with him.
  • Sulemana sleeps by combining a double-sized mattress and a student mattress.
  • He is facing a serious skin issue on his one leg ankle and foot due to excessive growth of his limb.

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