Best Movies to Watch on a Weekend

Who’s excited for the weekend? All of us, we’re sure. The weekend not only gives us time to relax and unwind but also allows us to spend some quality time with our friends and family members. A lot of us make plans for the weekend; however, some of us just keep procrastinating and end up doing nothing.

For all such people, this article will be a blessing in disguise. We believe that there’s nothing more relaxing and entertaining than watching a nice movie from the comfort of one’s home.

best movies to watch on a weekend

Best movies to watch on a weekend

So keeping all of this in mind, we have conducted a little research of our own and have come up with the five best movies that you can enjoy with your besties on a Saturday night.

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Now that you’re fully prepared to watch these movies, go ahead and add them to your watch list.

The plot revolves around nine interconnected stories that very beautifully inspect the complexities of the single emotion that binds us all together, and that emotion is called love. The main characters of this film include David, the good-looking freshly elected British Prime Minister who falls madly in love with a young staffer.

Then there’s Sarah who is a graphic designer (her affection towards her mentally sick brother makes her love life super complicated), next, we have Harry who is a married man greatly tempted by his gorgeous new secretary. A very interesting, light-hearted romantic comedy that will surely teach you a lot about the significance of love.

  • The Wedding Date

With the wedding of her little sister around the corner, Kat Ellis ends up facing the unfavorable prospect of going alone to London in order to attend the wedding festivities.

This entire situation gives her a lot of anxiety. On top of that, Jeffrey, the man who abandoned her just as they were about to get married, turns out to be the groom’s best man, how complicated is that?

Determined to show all her friends and relatives particularly Jeffrey, that her love life is perfect and very thrilling; Kat hires a handsome, attractive young man to accompany her to the wedding.

She introduces him to everyone as her date. A nice, feel-good movie that will surely keep you glued to your television or laptop screens.

  • Enchanted

In the magical land of Andalasia, a beautiful young girl named Giselle plays around with her woodland besties, and falls deeply in love with the handsome but dumb prince Edward.

However, when Giselle arrives at the palace to marry the prince of her dreams, his wicked stepmother sends the innocent princess to be, to a far-off place where happily ever after does not even exist. That place is the dull, busy, fast-paced New York City.

A straightforward and very practical divorce lawyer named Robert eventually comes to Giselle’s rescue, however, can Giselle find her way back to the love of her life?

  • Blended

Freshly divorced mother Lauren and widowed father Jim let their best pals push them into a weird blind date with each other, which for so many reasons goes horribly wrong. Because of all of this, both of them decide to never see each other again.

However, fate has some other plans. It intervenes when both Jim and Lauren, unknowingly buy one-half of the similar vacation bundle at a nice, relaxing, South African resort. Jim and Lauren are forced to share the same suite and take part in a bunch of family events together.

  • Whatever Works

After a very depressing phase, and a failed suicide attempt, super talented and intelligent New York misanthrope, Boris leaves his glamorous upper-class life for scanty accommodations in Chinatown.

There he meets someone whose personality is very different from his. A cute pageant queen from the South who is super pretty but a little dumb. How will the story unravel for these stark opposites?

Final Words

We hope the five best movies that we have mentioned in this article will make your events super fun and exciting. Watch these movies with your family and friends and have a great time.

Their amazing storylines, talented cast, and perfect cinematography will keep you hooked till the very end. So, the next time you feel like you have nothing better to do, simply watch one of the films mentioned above and have an amazing time.

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