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Michelle Alexandra is a famous model, transgender, and Onlyfans star. Michelle Alexandra is famous as the Onlyfans model and a Transgender model. She started her modeling career after completing his education and became a full-time model. All of her career success came when she started her Onlyfans account and shared her private photos and videos with her fans. In January 2023, Michelle disclosed that she is a proud transgender and does not need to hide her identity from the world. Check all the details below about Michelle Alexandra (Model) Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Biography & More.

Michelle Alexandra Wiki/Biography

Michelle Alexandra was born in 1997 (Age: 27 years; As of 2023) in Manchester, United Kingdom. Her full real name is Michelle Alexandra Roscoe and her nickname is Mitch. Her other name is Mimi Alexandra. She is popular as a transgender model. Her profession is an Onlyfans model. Her ethnicity is Spanish/British and her nationality is British. She follows Christianity (religion). Her sexuality is transgender.

Michelle Alexandra Educational Qualification

She completed her schooling at the local school in her town. After completing schooling, she attended a private university and completed her graduate studies. Michelle learned hair styling and makeup during her college studies. After her studies, she started her career as a model.

Michelle Alexandra Physical Stats

Michelle Alexandra height

Michelle Alexandra height

  • Height: 6′ 0″ inches
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Plastic Surgery: Yes, Gender reassignment surgery
  • Body Measurement: Breast- 38, Bust- 38, Waist- 26
  • Distinctive Features: Long Legs
  • Shoe Size: 10 US (9 UK)
  • Tattoos: Yes

Michelle Alexandra Family & Parents

Michelle was born into a middle-class well-settled Spanish/British family. She is the loving child of her parents. Her father’s name is Mich Roscoe (62 years old) and her mother’s name is Sue Roscoe. Her father worked in a real estate business and also opened a new hotel named The Tempus in Spain. Her mother is a Chef known as Nina Cook Sue Roscoe. Michelle has a sibling brother named Jake Roscoe (29 years old). Michelle’s brother worked in private firms and is also an alumnus of UA – Universitat d’Alacant / Universidad de Alicante.

Michelle Alexandra Boyfriend, Husband & Relationships

She is a beautiful Onlyfans model. Michelle has remained in a different relationship after she became a complete woman following her transgender surgery. Michelle disclose after openly coming out as a transgender that she started receiving many threats from all of her ex-boyfriends to whom Michelle has romantically linked earlier.

She received death threats from her ex-partners with whom she spent nights and many ex-partners are angry because they think that sleeping with Michelle made them gay. In January 2023, she declared publically that she is transgender and she received many horrible messages from her ex-partners.

Many boyfriends that they will kill her and Michelle is now afraid of coming back to the UK because her partners try to harm her physically. Michelle blocked all persons on social media who are sending her death threats and horrible messages. She said,

When I was younger, I was dating guys for one or two days that didn’t really know about me then I wouldn’t see them again. They’ve now seen me come out and they’re angry. This has been the hardest part for me, guys in my DMs just saying, “what the f***”, calling me horrible names and threatening me. They’re making me feel scared.

Michelle Alexandra Career & Profession

She started her career after completing her college studies. Michelle started her career as a model and modeled for many famous brands. Many of her shoots are in Ibiza and Manchester and she traveled between the two of them. She has thousands of followers on her Instagram handle. She is a popular creator on Onlyfans and got more than 7 thousand likes on her private videos and photos.

Michelle’s future dream is to start a Youtube Podcast channel, where she can talk openly about transgender life. Michelle also launched a page named “Identity Together by Mimi”, where she is allowing people to share their stories.

Michelle Alexandra Transgender Transformation

When she was in her teenage her body’s hormones are changing. Michelle stopped her body to grow like a man with the help of hormones. When she was at the age of 17, her family provided her with funds to have her first breast implant surgery.

At the age of 18, she changed her name to Michelle and started gender reassignment surgery. And then, Michelle completely converted her into a woman. After this, Michelle went off for a butt lifter and lips filler, and other surgeries. No, she is completely a woman.

Michelle Alexandra’s Net Worth & Income

Michelle Alexandra’s net worth is estimated at approx. $850k dollars. She is a famous model, transgender, and Onlyfans star. Michelle earns a good income from her modeling profession. Also, she earns extra income from promoting famous brands on her Instagram handle. She lives joyfully with her family.

Michelle Alexandra Social Handles

Michelle Alexandra Amazing Facts

  • She quoted “The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”
  • Michelle visited many beautiful destinations like Verano, Croatia, Mexico, Ibizzam Bangkok, Bali, Phuket Netherlands, Thailand, etc.
  • Her favorite clothing brand is Zara.
  • In Michelle’s childhood as a boy, she use to act like a girl.
  • On 2nd October 2019, she started her Instagram account.
  • In her school, Michelle was not like friendships with boys in her classroom but has more girls in her friend group.
  • In her childhood, her parents tried to stop her to behave like a girl but she can’t.
  • Michelle Alexandra feels happy when she spends time near the sea or the beach.
  • Her parents accepted Michelle as transgender, who she is now.
  • Michelle inked many tattoos on her thighs.
  • She drinks alcohol with her friends.
  • In her childhood, she never liked boys’ things and always tried to have girls’ things around her.
  • Michelle endorses the brand named Lounge on her social media handles.
  • When Michelle was 12, she started her journey to transform herself into a female completely by following medications, she said,
  • “Since the age of four, I wanted to be a girl and luckily, my family has been very supportive. It’s been a bit more of a struggle for my father and brother but over the years, they’ve come to terms with it.”
  • She came to know about her transgender facts when she was at the age of 4.
  • Michelle loves water surfing.
  • On 16th December 2021, she was in Dubai.
  • Michelle likes to drink coconut water whenever she visits the beach.
  • Michelle spent her childhood in Alicante, Spain then after her family shifted to America when she was eight years old. But in 2015, she moved back to Spain and decided to change her physical into a girl completely by having surgeries.
  • At present, she is a successful model traveling in South America and will return to the United Kingdom in June 2013.

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