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Cleotha Abston is a famous Criminal, Kidnapper, Murderer, and Rapist. Cleotha Abston has done a lot of murder, threats, and rape in his whole life. Cleotha was sent to jail under the abduction charges for kidnapping Mr. Kemper Duran (Lawyer) in 2001 and released in November 2020. At present now in September 2022, he was again captured by US Police officials under the allegation of killing Eliza Fletcher (a kindergarten school teacher). Check all the details below about Cleotha Abston’s Wiki, Age, Wife, Brother, Parents, Nationality, Biography & More.

Cleotha Abston Wiki/Biography

Cleotha Abston was born in 1984 (Age: 38 years; As of 2022) in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. His full name is Cleotha Abston Henderson. His nickname is Pookie. Cleotha’s nationality is American and his ethnicity is Afro-American. His profession is criminal. He is popular in media news after killing Eliza Fletcher’s kindergarten school teacher.

Aliza Fletcher abducted by Cleotha

Aliza Fletcher was abducted by Cleotha

Cleotha Abston Educational Qualification

Cleotha Abston is not fully educated. He dropped schooling education in 9th Grade and never completed his studies.

Cleotha Abston Physical Stats

Height: 5′ 11″ inches

Weight: 92 kg

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Distinctive Features: Perfect Jawline

Shoe Size: 10 US

Cleotha Abston Family, Parents & Brother

Cleotha’s brother Mario Abston is a well-known offender and lawbreaker criminal in the US Police records. On 3rd September Mario was captured by US Police officials. Mario Abston was captured after a group of police got dispatched from the Tennessee Police Station after registering a missing complaint of Eliza Fletcher (kindergarten school teacher).

Mario Abston brother of Cleotha Abston

Mario Abston brother of Cleotha Abston

His brother arrest by US Police and sent to Shelby Jail in Memphis on unrelated charges. His brother Mario is facing drug and weapon possession charges also. He doesn’t disclose any further information about his parents, father, and mother but his uncle’s name is Nathaniel Issac.

Cleotha Abston Wife, Girlfriend & Relationships

Cleotha Abston never married in his life and has no girlfriend and no relationships with anyone. He spent his whole life in prison doing criminal activities. He got arrested at the age of 18 and spent 20 years in prison. Before going to prison, he also tried to rape a girl. He is a straight guy and has no control over his sexual emotions. Cleotha Abston is single.

Cleotha Abston Criminal Charges, Bond & Legal Hearings

After spending 20 years in jail, he came out and worked as a car cleaner in a nearby cleaning service. After their arrest in Eliza Fletcher’s murder case, his employer confirmed to the US Police officials that Cleotha works for him as a car cleaner worker.

Eliza Fletcher

Eliza Fletcher

Also, the employer shared the details that on that day he drove the SUV car which was used in the kidnapping of Eliza Fletcher and was later spotted on CCTV cameras.

CCTV footage of SUV car

CCTV footage of SUV car

Also again Cleotha spent his next years in jail for the kidnapping and killing of Eliza Fletcher. On 7th September 2022, his hearing in court under the charges of identity theft, abduction, murder, theft of property, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

Affidavit of Complaint of Cleotha Abston

Affidavit of Complaint of Cleotha Abston

Arrest Warrant of Cleotha Abston

Arrest Warrant of Cleotha Abston

Also adding additional charges of first-degree murder in the perpetration of kidnapping are also issued against him.

Cleotha Abston in courtroom and judge reads charges against him

Cleotha Abston is in the courtroom and the judge read charges against him

After arresting Cleotha rejected to co-operate with the Police investigation team. Memphis Police took a video into custody stating that Eliza Fletcher was targeted by a man in SUV and the man waited a few times then when she reached near to him the man forced her inside the car and droved away from the kidnapping spot.

After the investigation by the US Police officials team found that he was the man who drives the SUV car. Police cleared that the suspect in the car is Cleotha Abston. As per the arrest affidavit of Cleotha, he and Eliza don’t have any previous relationship but even though he killed her.

Cleotha Abston Social Handles

Instagram Hashtag: #CleothaAbston

Cleotha Abston Amazing Facts

  • His full life went into doing criminal activities like kidnapping, killing, raping, and threats.
  • During his teenage, Cleotha is famous for his nickname ‘Pookie’.
  • At the age of 14, he faced criminal charges in Children’s court after trying to rape a girl.
  • At the age of 16, he kidnapped famous Memphis lawyer Kemper Duran at gunpoint. Cleotha threw the lawyer inside the car and forced him to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM. Later, Cleotha was found guilty by the court of kidnapping a lawyer and sent to prison for 24 years.
  • Between 1995-2001, Cleotha kept on visiting Child court in many different criminal cases but due to his age, he never got punished seriously by the court which provided him to learn lessons from life and change his behavior and not do any criminal activity further. But in 2001, he pleaded guilty in a case after reaching his adult age and going to prison.
  • After arresting the case of missing Eliza Fletcher his brother Mario Abston give a statement that “I don’t know what my brother has done and he also thinking that why his brother acting in a strange way with him”.
Eliza with her husband and two childrens

Eliza with her husband and two children

  • He tried to flee from the house when US Police visited his brother’s house.
  • Cleotha Abston washed his clothes in the sink when Police officials entered his brother’s house.
  • On 7th September 2022, after his arrest in the Eliza murder case, a public defender was requested by Abston for his court hearing.
  • Police held Cleotha on a $51000 USD bond.
  • Cleotha killed Eliza Fletcher‘s body and was found behind a vacant duplex apartment in South Memphis on the 5th September 2022 afternoon.
  • Cleotha kidnapped and assaulted a man, Kemper Durand, 22 years ago. He was a coworker of Eliza’s uncle.🧐 Now, some 20 years later he kidnaps and assaults his niece. I believe in coincidences but, this just screams murder for hire.

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