A southeast Missouri boy is in the running to be named best mullet in the country.  

Zander Trainer of Kennett, Missouri is one of the final 25 kids competing in the USA Mullet Championships.  

Zander Trainer is one of 25 finalists in the Kids Division of the USA Mullet Championships. 

Voting for the competition began online Monday, August 15 and runs through Friday, August 19. Participants can vote once each day.

The organization donated half of each $10 entry fee to a group in Michigan called Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids. 

They donate wigs to children experiencing hair loss due to cancer or other illnesses. 

In all, out of the 25 finalists, there are four contestants from Missouri, but Zander is the only one from southeast Missouri. 

If he wins the title of Best Kids Mullet in America, Gabby shared on Facebook that Zander wants to get a new dirt bike, donate some of the winnings to the Autism Charity, to get his brother and sister a toy and save the rest.