Finding love in the OC? The cast of Selling the OC turned heads for their complicated — and very flirty — office relationships during season 1 of the Netflix series.

The Selling Sunset spinoff hooked viewers in during its August 2022 premiere in part due to the drama surrounding their on and off screen romances.Tyler Stanaland’s intimate friendships with Alexandra “Alex” Hall and Polly Brindle, for example, raised some eyebrows as he was married to Brittany Snow during filming.

While Tyler denied that his flirty and touchy-feely relationships with both women were inappropriate he did confess that Kayla Cardona‘s advances were not OK. During the show’s first season, the Laguna Beach, California, native revealed to his coworkers that a drunk Kayla tried to kiss him.

“I’m not gonna flirt with someone if I don’t feel like I’m getting flirt[ed] with back. If I know that someone is definitely not interested — I have a lot more confidence in myself than to just throw myself at someone for no reason,” Kayla exclusively told Us Weekly in August 2022.

“I was definitely feeling the reciprocation back and, you know, multiple times. But nothing has ever happened.” Tyler, for his part, told Us that he didn’t feel like he was leading Kayla on during the group’s night out.

“I can say that as a group, collectively, you know, it kind of felt like summer camp vibes,” he said at the time. “It really felt like brother, sister vibes in most of our opinions. It never felt that way, but I can’t speak for her.”

“She watched it. I mean, she thought — like everybody else did — it’s entertaining. It’s a lot, but it’s good,” he told Us at the time, noting that the pair decided to “keep our professional lives separate.”