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Eliza Fletcher

Eliza Fletcher is a well-known famous kindergarten school teacher. Eliza Fletcher is famous for her missing news in Memphis. She was missing when she was jogging near the University of Memphis and yesterday’s news is breaking news that her dead body is found is suspected. Check all the details below about Eliza Fletcher’s Wiki, Age, Biography, Husband, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Update, Surveillance Video & More

Who is Eliza Fletcher?

Eliza Fletcher is an American kindergarten school teacher. Suddenly, Eliza is missing in Memphis during jogging near Memphis University. No one knew where she is missing. In Memphis, this is big and sudden trending news about when and why Eliza Fletcher is missing.

After the investigation, US Police officials offer a $50,000 dollars reward for finding her. But there is no information about her. On 6th September 2022, Eliza’s body was found dead and abducted by US Police officials.

Cleotha Abston is a suspect in Eliza’s murder and appears in court after Eliza’s body was found by US Police officials.

Eliza Fletcher Wiki/Biography

Eliza Fletcher was born in 1988 (Age: 34 years) in Memphis, Tennessee. Her nationality is American. Her profession is as a school teacher for small kids. Her nickname is Eliza. And her marital status is married. Her dead body was found by US Police officials on 6th September 2022.

Eliza Fletcher Educational Qualification

She completed her schooling at Hutchison school in her town. After completing schooling, she graduated from Baylor University. She is perfectly qualified in education.

Eliza Fletcher Physical Stats

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 52 kg (approx.)

Eliza Fletcher Family & Parents

Eliza Fletcher was born into a high-class family in Memphis. Her father’s name is Beasley Wellford and her mother’s name is Adele Wellford. Her siblings’ name is not known. Her grandparents are wealthy and rich in Memphis.

Eliza Fletcher family

Eliza Fletcher family

Eliza Fletcher Husband & Children

Eliza Fletcher’s marital status is married but her husband’s name is not disclosed by any source of media.

Eliza with her husband

Eliza with her husband

And also her children’s name or son/daughter’s name is not disclosed and not known but she has two children.

Eliza with her husband and two childrens

Eliza with her husband and two children

Eliza Fletcher Career & Update

Eliza started her career at a very young age. She started teaching in a kindergarten school to teach little children very happy.

Eliza Fletcher Death

Eliza dead body was found by US Police officials on 6th September 2022. Eliza Fletcher death cause missing and kidnapped by the suspect Cleotha Abston. Further investigation of the Eliza’s death is currently in court with the suspect of Eliza’s death. 

Eliza Social Media Accounts

Twitter: ElizaFletcher

Instagram: eliza_fletcher

Eliza Fletcher Amazing Facts

  • Eliza keeps her married life private.
  • Her skin tone is fair and her eyes look beautiful.
  • Eliza began her career at a very young age.
  • Eliza death’s suspect is Cleotha Abston.
Cleotha Abston suspect of Eliza's death

Cleotha Abston suspect of Eliza’s death

  • Eliza is a very talented lady.

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