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Bella Bodhi

Bella Bodhi is a well known Plus Size model, instagram influencer, and social media personality. Bella is popular for her curvy body and modern style. She became insane famous from her social media account by posting her pictures on it. Check out below all information about Bella Bodhi Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth, Biography & More.


Bella Bodhi was born between (1976 – 1981) and her age is about 40 to 45 years. Her hometown in Budapest, Hungary but currently she lives in Bali. Her nickname is Belle. Her zodiac sign is not know due to insufficient information.

She followed Christianity religion. Bella sexuality is Heterosexual. She belongs to mixed ethnicity. Her nationality is Hungarian. Her profession is a social media influencer and model.


She don’t disclosed any information about her education. But, she spends her childhood life in United Kingdom so quite obvious that she did her schooling from there and also graduate from a well-known institute.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 5″ inch

Weight (approx): 70 Kg

Bust: 46″

Weight: 30″

Hips: 48″

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Hair Length: Medium

Skin Colour: Fair

Pierceing: Ears

Plastic Surgery: On Face

Tattoo: On Right arm

Bella Bodhi is looking very attractive in all outfits with her beautiful curvy body looks and cute smiley face. She wears mostly branded clothes and dresses in which she looking hot and pretty. Bella Bodhi has very pretty face looks because her plastic surgery on face.

Bella tattoo on her right arm

Bella tattoo on her right arm

Bella Bodhi figure is curvy with beautiful tattoo on her right arm.

Family & Boyfriend

Bella Bodhi born to upper middle class family. She was born to American parents in the United Kingdom. Her father name is Mr. Bodhi and her mother name is Mrs. Bodhi. She was grew in UK with her siblings. Not much more information about her family, friends and siblings to be shared by Bella Bodhi on her social media accounts.


Also, Bella Bodhi never shared or disclosed any infomation about her life partner like boyfriend. Infact, it is not clear that she is married or not? They are seems to be possible that she is married and also has children but she don’t disclosed any information and keep secret.

So, according to media sources this is not confirm that she has a boyfriend or in a relationship with someone else.

Bella in her house

Bella in her house

Always, she posted her solo pictures on her social media instagram account not with someone else.


Bella Bodhi started her career as a model from teenage. Bella began her modeling journey when she studying in high school after being popular as a curvy model by instagram account confidenceinmybody as a Hungarian model.

He has a massive followers on his social media instagram model and also she sold her erotic pics on his premium website for his premium customers, Bella Bodhi linked her website on his instagram account bio section you can also check it.

In the short span of time, Bella Bodhi gained popularity as a model by her erotic and beautiful curvy body images viral on instagram. Bella Bodhi also known as plus size model because of her big curvy body.

Bella Bodhi brand endorsements photoshoot

Bella Bodhi brand endorsements photoshoot

After getting massive popularity Bella Bodhi also influencing big brands of fashion, sports, skincare and apparel brand categories of products. So she made her career also as a influencer.

Bella Bodhi also popular as she proclaimed her as soul healer also shares her meditating photos and videos on her instagram account.

Favorite Things

  • Her favorite colors is blue and green.
  • Her favorite destination place is in Finland.
  • Her favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Her favorite sport is Football.
  • Her favorite sportsperson is Neymar Jr.


There is no controversy and rumors about Bella Bodhi.

Bella Shared Life Story on Instagram

Bella shared her life story on his social media instagram account as a secret,

Bella life story showing in his insta story

Bella life story showing in his insta story

“Now you know about my eating disorders and my hormone problems.
Today I am telling you about the blunders of my past years.
It started there that I wanted to build a house about 8 years ago, but in the end I went to America for the price of the house to try my luck, which then didn’t come together. A year later, I came home, no house, no money, and I even broke up with my partner.
I invested the rest of my saved money in an online stock exchange company, which then disappeared very fast.
By this time I was already suffering a lot and wanted to die because I didn’t see the meaning of my life.
This is where my spiritual life began.
I started drawing mandalas and it was really a wonderful hobby, but I sensed I couldn’t make a living from it.
Almost every attempt I made failed at the last few years.
So i traveled, meditated, searched for myself.
In the meantime, I was just gaining weight, gaining weight until I finally reached the 80kg weight.
That’s when I started this instagram account to get feedback that I’m really lovable anyway.”

This is the third secret which Bella Bodhi shared on insta

Bella Secret 3

“Ok, this one today, will be a very personal and deep one.
Only my closest relatives knows about it. I was wondering if I should share or keep it to myself, but it is part of my personality.
I was single for 6 years because it was a very big disappointment.
By the time i opened my heart again, and guess, what happened, it was an even bigger disappointment .. Don’t even ask about it please because it still hurts to talk about it.
It wasn’t that long time ago, I’m almost not over it yet.
Now instagram is my only support and thus my only opportunity to start a new life with you by my side.
Thank you for being to me, and for this much-much love that I get from you!”

This is the fourth secret which Bella Bodhi shared on insta

Bella Secret 4

So this very deeply touching thing was that I was pregnant from the Love of my life.
Unfortunately, I lost this baby, and very soon after, my Love too.
Then I got depressed, I had panic attacks at nights.
Since I am 42 years old and my doctors said I could not get pregnant, I experienced this whole story as a MIRACLE.
My love for children has been great before, but even more important to me after this story.
That’s why I thought about supporting children in need with a coloring book:) for XMAS :)After each downloaded calendar I give a coloring book to someone in need.
Help me to help them! 🙂🙏🏾💝

This is the fifth secret which Bella Bodhi shared on insta

Bella Secret 5

Today I want to share another important thing with you.
I’ve talked about my eating disorders before.
Unfortunately, due to my hormone and insulin problems, I can successfully gain up to 5 kilos in a week, or 10 in a month, but I am almost unable to lose weight, no matter how strict my diet or doing sports like crazy.
The only place on this earth is BALI, where I can keep my weight and where I don’t have to make an effort for it.
That’s why I want to live in Bali, and I have another reason for that, which is: I could provide you much nicer and more exciting content.
So from the 60-70% of the price of the downloaded calendar, I support the kids with the coloring book for Christmas and spend the rest of the money to be able to move to Bali.

This is the sixth secret which Bella Bodhi shared on insta

Bella Secret 6

My No1. favorite food is COCONUT!!!!
Fresh coconut of course💟

Net Worth

Bella Bodhi net worth is estimated as the averagely a model and influencer earns in UK and US like $150,000 dollar not more than this. Bella sources of earning as the modelling and influencing big brands products and also have a personal premium photos and videos gallery where she shared her images on premium basis per video and photo. So, she has a decent income salary from his multiple sources of income.

Emily Rinaudo Social Handles

Twitter: bellabodhi

Instagram: confidenceinmybody

Website : BellaWeb

Bella Bodhi Amazing Facts

  • Bella Bodhi is very conscious about her body fitness also she shares her workout pics on her instagram account.
  • Bella Bodhi is also an avid animal lover and also has a pet dog in her home.
  • Bella Bodhi intakes a good healthy vegetarian diet and fruits for her curvy body.
Bella Bodhi drinks coffee

Bella Bodhi drinks coffee

  • Bella Bodhi self proclaimed as a soul healer and fashion model.
  • Bella Bodhi has undergone a lot of surgeries to enlarge her bust.
Bella showing body changes for increasing weight

Bella showing body changes for increasing weight

  • Bella Bodhi favorite destinations is Bali.
  • Bella Bodhi is very confident personality and don’t feel ashamed for her curvy body no matter what other says about her.
Bella before and after body transformation

Bella before and after body transformation

  • Bella Bodhi favorite cuisines Spanish and Italian.
  • Bella Bodhi is associated with Madzisstacked is also a well known popular plus size curvy model and instagram celebrity.
  • Bella Bodhi travelling a lot of beautiful destinations around the world lonely.

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