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Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead is a famous Canadian bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Chris Bumstead is popular after winning the competition of ‘Mr. Olympia 2021’ and winning this competition for the last three years. Also, Chris achieved the first position in the Classic Physique division. He is also the owner of many businesses like Gymshark, Revive Md, YoungLA, and Raw Nutrition companies. Chris promotes mostly protein companies through his social media platform Instagram. Check all the details below about Chris Bumstead’s Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Parents, Workout, Bulk Diet, Net Worth & More.

Chris Bumstead Wiki/Biography

Chris Bumstead was born on 2nd February 1995 (Age: 27 years; As of 2022) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His profession is bodybuilding, Youtubing, and Entrepreneurship. His nationality is Canadian and his ethnicity is White. His zodiac sign is Aquarius and follows Christianity (religion).

Chris Bumstead Educational Qualification

He completed his schooling at the local school for primary education. After completing primary education, he enrolled in a famous high school and completed his high school graduation. After completing high school, there is no information about his educational qualification according to media sources.

Chris Bumstead Physical Stats

Chris body Physique

Chris body Physique

Height: 6′ 1″ inches

Weight: 104 kg

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Length: Short

Tattoos: On hand and Chest

Chest Size: 51 inches

Waist Size: 30 inches

Biceps Size: 20 inches

Chris Bumstead Family & Parents

Chris was born into a high middle-class family in Ottawa. He doesn’t disclose any information about his parents, family, and siblings but according to the sources, his father is an entrepreneur and his mother is a homemaker. Also, Chris has one sibling sister named Melissa Valliere (famous bodybuilder).

Chris with his sister Mellisa

Chris with his sister Mellisa

His sister Mellisa shared many competitions and exercises photos on social media. He is close to his sister-in-law named Iain Valliere (fitness coach and trainer of Chris).

Chris Bumstead’s Wife & Girlfriend

He is a famous young, smart, and talented bodybuilder. Chris Bumstead is in a romantic relationship with Courtney King (girlfriend). His girlfriend Courtney is also a bodybuilder and fitness freak.

Chris with his girlfriend on vacation

Chris with his girlfriend on vacation

They met each other in November 2018 and dated each other. Also, they share many pictures with his girlfriend Courtney on Instagram.

Courtney King kissed Chris

Courtney King kissed Chris

Both are concentrating on their fitness career and have not announced the details regarding their wedding. Chris posted a photo with Courtney and wrote,

I have no way of expressing the amount of gratitude I have for this beautiful woman here. She has been there for me in a way that I never knew I needed. I’ve always thought I could handle a lot on my own, but being someone who gives me space to be vulnerable and give me spontaneity and comfort, my true self is one of the most empowering feelings. thanks for being my rock.

Chris proposed Courtney King

Chris proposed Courtney King

In 2022, Chris proposed to Courtney King (wife), and the engagement happened.

Chris and Courtney engagement photo

Chris and Courtney’s engagement photo

Chris Bumstead Workout Routine

He does a workout in the gym 5 days a week. Chris does daily gym training and exercises for the hamstrings/glutes, shoulders, back, chest, and quads on all the different days.

Chris bodybuilding training

Chris bodybuilding training

Also, his main gym exercises are Squats, Incline Dumbbell Presses, and Bent-Over Barbell Rows. In addition workout, he trained chest/biceps workout, hamstrings/glutes, shoulders/triceps, and quads.

Chris Bumstead Workout Schedule

Chris in bodybuilding championship

Chris in the bodybuilding championship

For Back – Deadlifts, Bent-Over, Dumbbell Rows, Machine Rows, Hyper Extensions, Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns or Wide Grip Assisted Pullups, and Straight Arm Pulldowns.

Chest/Biceps – Machine Preacher Curls, Cable Fly, Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, Hammer Curls, Push-ups, Incline Dumbbell Fly, Smith Machine Bench Press, Reverse Barbell Curls, Barbell Curls.

Chris with Courtney in gym

Chris with Courtney in the gym

Hamstrings/Glutes – Reverse Hack Squat, Lying Leg Curls, Single-Legged Glute Pushdowns.

Shoulders/Triceps – Single Arm Cable, Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Reverse Grip Barbell Skull, Rope Face Pulls, Machine Lateral Raises.

Quads – Leg Press, Standing Lunges, Leg Extensions, Squats.

Chris Bumstead Bulk Diet Plan

He is very careful about his diet because he is a great champion bodybuilder and follows a diet daily routine for bodybuilding. Chris daily eats similar six meals for his body improvement and is trained for his contest and competitions. He eats everyday Egg whites, Whole eggs, White Fish, Mixed Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, etc.

  • Egg Whites, Oats, Whole Eggs
  • White Fish and Sweet Potato
  • Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Mixed Vegetables
  • Whey Isolate mixed in water
  • Broccoli, Asparagus

Chris Bumstead Career & Profession

He started his career in his teenage and played many sports in his childhood. Chris started doing hours of training in the gym daily and also his interest from childhood in bodybuilding. His trainer’s name is Iain Valliere and suggested him to taking part in weightlifting competitions. In 2014, he started his first appearance in front of an audience as a weightlifter.

Chris on the cover of magazine

Chris on the cover of a magazine

In 2015, Chris accomplished in the first division in CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Junior. In 2016, he got the second position in CBBF Bodybuilding Championships Open Heavyweight Division. Also, Chris won the IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championship in 2016. Chris got a professional card for his accomplishment. According to the sources, Chris won the ‘2021 Classic Physique Olympia’.

Chris won the championship

Chris won the championship

Also apart from bodybuilding, Chris is the owner of many companies. As per his Instagram profile, he is the owner of the Gymshark company, owner of the Raw Nutrition company, CEO of YoungLA company (sells comfortable and branded outfits), and the founder of Revive MD (provides vitamins and other medicines).

Chris promoted supplements

Chris promoted supplements

Chris Bumstead Winning Competitions

  • 1st in the 2016 IFBB North American Championships, Heavyweight.
  • 3rd in the 2016 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic, Classic Physique.
  • 1st in the 2017 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro, Classic Physique.
  • 1st in the 2017 IFBB Toronto Pro, Classic Physique.
  • 2nd in the 2017 Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique.
  • 2nd in the 2018 Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique.
  • 1st in the 2019 Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique.
  • 1st in the 2020 Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique.
  • 1st in 2021, Mr. Olympia, Classic Physique.

Chris Bumstead’s Net Worth

Chris Bumstead’s net worth is estimated at about $6-7 million dollars. He is earning decent money from his bodybuilding and many businesses profession. At an approximate rate, he is earning $30k -35k dollars from his several companies. Also, he won many competitions and contests and got winning money. He lives joyfully with his family and girlfriend.

Chris Bumstead Social Handles

Instagram: cbum

Twitter: c_bumstead

Facebook: Bumstead1995

Youtube ChrisBumstead

Email: [email protected]

Chris Bumstead Amazing Facts

  • Chris likes cycling and mostly travels cycling in his free time.
  • Chris has a Youtube channel of his name and his channel crosses 1+ million subscribers.
  • He loves to cook food for his family and girlfriend.
Chris cooks food

Chris cooks food

  • Chris makes Instagram reels of his bodybuilding physique and many exercises.
  • Chris said that he has to control himself from eating junk food during bodybuilding competitions.
  • He has a pet dog and mostly shares photos with his dog on Instagram.
  • Chris also appeared on the cover page of Muscular Development magazine.
  • He loves to spend time with his girlfriend and family.
Chris with his car

Chris with his car

  • Chris also does many sponsorships for many big brands through his Instagram account.

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